WOZA AWARDS founded in 2018 is annually presented to women lawyers in recognition of their outstanding
dedication, achievements and contribution to the profession, whether it be services, legal
education, human rights or the pro bono sector.

WOZA awards share, highlight and recognise the challenges women in law face in all areas of

WOZA awards will foster a band of innovative and next generation thought leaders.

WOZA awards will empower, mentor & strengthen women lawyers to aspire higher.

WOZA awards recognises male champions


A non-profit company , the WOZA Leadership NPC is committed to strengthening the opportunities and visibility of women in law across all legal spheres by augmenting their professional skills through continuous bespoke legal education and training accelerating gender balanced representation.


  • Provide advanced custom education empowering women lawyers with both:

  • Specialised court skills and training;

  • Practical legal skills and business acumen to deal with everyday business improving productivity and professionalism;

  • To create a digital knowledge bank to house all webinars, online and other material of interest;

  • To give women the tools to unlock their potential and realize their leadership ambitions.

  • To focus and empower on building skill capacity and manage the impact of gender dynamics and dealing with conflict;

  • To unlock how to impact the world around them and be the catalysts for change;

  • To engage interactive instruction, practical guidance and collaborative learning;

  • To foster dynamic leadership which is both innovative and authentic;

  • To fight the scourge of GBV and sexual harassment. 

  • To create education on GBV and sexual harassment.

  • To promote economic empowerment to realize and accelerator programs to finance women

  • To grow the next generation of thought and innovative leaders

  • Build professional capacity through leadership to enhance and advance women to conquer a male terrain.